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for Children and Young People" "Promoting a Positive Mental Health Journey

The Journey to adulthood, should teach, guide and develop our Mental wellbeing. Preparing us with the skills needed to face whatever life throws our way. Good Mental wellbeing is a skill we need to learn! So, we must teach children these skills. As adults it is our responsibility to stop and show them the skills and strategies needed to succeed. Let’s stop and help them on their journey

Parent STOP

Parent support, guidance and successful strategies that can help you successfully develop your child’s Mental health.

Professional STOP

Support for professionals and schools re mental health.

Guidance and successful strategies to promote children and young people’s mental health.


Always remember you are not alone. Do you need help to manage your feelings and emotions?

Sometimes a little bit of help is all you need. Mindz that matter can help.

Mindz That Matter

We provide the following.

Online Therapy for children and young people
1;1 Therapy
Family Therapy
Group sessions
School packages
Mental health consultancy for schools


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